L4L Faculty

The Leadership for Learning program instructors include a team of core faculty widely recognized for their deep scholarship and engagement with practice as well as visiting instructors from the field. The greatest strength of the program lies in the combination of the teaching and research experience of the faculty with the working experience and insight of successful district-level leaders.

L4L Core Faculty Bios

Anthony Craig
CraigDirector, Leadership for Learning
Professor of Practice, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
College of Education, University of Washington
Ed.D., University of Washington

Anthony B. Craig has served as a teacher, teacher leader, principal, and central office administrator in suburban and reservation settings in Washington state.  As a practitioner and community member he strives to contribute to school systems that reflect the communities being served in ways that are equitable and just. His work in L4L and the College centers on partnering with students, leaders in the field, and faculty members to develop deeper understanding of the models of leadership practice that will truly transform school systems toward equity. As a scholar, Anthony focuses on Indigenous knowledge and models of leadership, collaborative and collective leadership, and school improvement and design that build on strengths of community culture and goals.  He is a graduate of L4L Cohort 4.

Department Faculty Profile
acraig@uw.edu  | Campus Box: 353600  | (206) 221-3427


Meredith Honig
HonigProfessor, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
College of Education, University of Washington
Ph.D., Stanford University

Meredith Honig’s research and teaching focus on policy, leadership and organizational change to improve results for all students at scale. She is particularly interested in how public policymaking bureaucracies such as school district central offices innovate and collaborate to improve opportunities for all youth to learn. Her work on central office transformation has been featured in various scholarly journals and by national organizations such as the American Association for School Administrators and Learning Forward. She recently founded and directs the District Leadership Design Lab which partners with learning scientists, leadership educators, and district leaders to help school districts improve their performance. Prior to joining the University of Washington faculty, Honig was an assistant professor and co-director of the Center for Educational Policy and Leadership at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has worked at the California Department of Education and in other state and local youth agencies. About L4L, Meredith says, “Working with L4L students is one of the highlights of what I do. Our students bring deep commitments to improving results for students, not just in single classrooms or schools but across systems. Our students develop deep connections with each other and alumni that they carry forward with them beyond the program. Faculty work with students to help them stretch their leadership, sometimes in ways they never imagined; in turn, students stretch faculty to become ever better instructors and partners in the field. We are a true learning community.”

Department Faculty Profile
mihonig@uw.edu  | Campus Box: 353600  | (206) 616-0679

Ann Ishimaru
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
College of Education, University of Washington
Ed.D., Harvard University

Ann Ishimaru’s scholarship focuses on the intersection of leadership, school-community relationships and equity-based reform in urban and “new immigrant destination” school systems. Her work examines leadership capacity for system-wide equity in the context of both district-community organizing collaborations and educational leader professional growth.

Department Faculty Profile
aishi@uw.edu  | Campus Box: 353600  | (206) 543-9840


Jessica Rigby
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
College of Education, University of Washington
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Jessica G. Rigby uses lenses from organizational sociology to understand the role of school and district leaders in the implementation of policy, classroom instruction, improving teacher practice, focus on equity, and influence on and of informal social networks. She has worked in schools as a teacher (middle and high school English and history), leader, and researcher. Jessica's work has been published in Educational Administration Quarterly, Journal of Educational Administration, The Handbook of Urban Educational Leadership, and she has authored reports for a number of organizations including Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), Leadership Connection for Justice in Education, the San Francisco School Alliance, and several school districts. Before joining the College of Education at the University of Washington, Jessica was a postdoctoral fellow for the Middle-school Mathematics and the Institutional Setting of Teaching (MIST) project at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University. There, she led two research projects: school leadership and informal social network analysis. Jessica's current work examines the organizational structures and learning needs that support school and district leaders' work for school improvement.

Department Faculty Profile
jrigby@uw.edu | Campus Box: 353600  | (206) 616-5607