L4L Curriculum

The UW Leadership for Learning (L4L) program utilizes an innovative, action-focused curriculum that includes classroom-based work at the University of Washington as well as field-based and online learning experiences. L4L students have ample opportunities throughout the program to tailor their work to their own goals while also participating in cohort activities and group projects that allow them to both learn from and teach each other. Students also work closely with faculty -- including a dedicated individual advisor -- and their internship mentors to shape their learning experience.

The Leadership for Learning curriculum is designed to facilitate student success by adhering to ambitious Program Leadership Standards, which are aligned with both Washington state leadership standards and those of the national Professional Standards for Educational Laeddership (PSEL 2015). These standards emphasize:

  1. Leadership for Equity & Excellence – Leadership that addresses historical, institutional inequities in educational opportunity and that enables all students to learn at high levels.
  2. Inquiry- and Data-informed Leadership – Leadership that involves deep engagement with data and other forms of evidence to drive continuous improvement.
  3. Leadership for High-quality Teaching & Learning – Leadership throughout educational systems that fosters ongoing improvements in teaching and other adult practice in service of better learning opportunities for all students.
  4. Leadership for Equitable Systems – Leadership that reforms and reinvents systems related to fiscal, organizational, policy and other disciplines to support improved teaching and learning at scale.

For a detailed description of these Leadership Standards, click here.