Graduate Students: Registration Policies

Graduate students must register for at least one credit hour per quarter in order to maintain status at the University of Washington (UW), unless they choose to go on leave. You should note, however, that the UW will charge tuition for no less than two credit hours per quarter; therefore, it is usually advantageous to register for at least two credit hours.


  • TA/RA/GSAs must register for a minimum of 10 credit hours during each quarter of appointment. (During summer quarter, the minimum is two credit hours.)
  • U.S. students who receive federal financial aid and are considered full-time students for financial aid purposes must register for and pass 30 credit hours during the regular academic year (autumn, winter, and spring quarters) or 40 credits per calendar year if enrolled in the summer. Similar requirements apply to students who are considered part-time for financial aid purposes. Consult the Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid policy or contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss particular circumstances.
  • International students must register for a minimum of 10 credit hours in order to meet visa/immigration requirements, with some exceptions. Consult International Student Services for complete information.