geneva gayIn this wonderful volume, Geneva Gay makes a convincing case for using culturally responsive teaching to improve the school performance of underachieving students of color. She combines insights from multicultural education theory, research, and classroom practice to demonstrate that African, Asian, Latino, and Native American students will perform better, on multiple measures of achievement, when teaching is filtered through their own cultural experiences and frames of reference. Key components of culturally responsive teaching discussed include teacher caring, teacher attitudes and expectations, formal and informal multicultural curriculum, culturally informed classroom discourse, and cultural congruity in teaching and learning strategies. The personal stories woven throughout enliven the deeply textured scholarly analysis. This is an excellent resource for anyone who cares about improving and recognizing the factors that shape culturally responsive teaching and learning.


Geneva Gay is Professor of Education and Associate of the Center for Multicultural Education, University of Washington-Seattle.

Comments on the Book by Leading Scholars

"From her careful analysis of the educational research and best practices literature, and her wealth of experiences from working with P/K-18 students and teachers, Gay clearly explains how culturally responsive teaching can be used to dramatically influence the academic achievement of students of color and other marginalized students."

—Carl A. Grant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Geneva Gay has written a passionate and inspiring book that provides a comprehensive explanation of culturally responsive teaching and how it can make a difference in the lives of students of color. She argues that all teachers, regardless of their ethnic group membership, must have the ‘courage, competence, and confidence’ to teach in a culturally relevant manner."

—Christine Bennett, Indiana University

"Written by one of the leading interpreters of diversity in the schools, this book challenges all teachers to reconsider their pedagogical and personal approaches to young people in our nation's increasingly multicultural"

—Carlos E. Cortés, University of California-Riverside

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