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Written by the leading authority in the field, James A. Banks, the eighth edition of this classic text has been revamped and updated to reflect current and emerging theory, research, and scholarship in the fields of ethnic studies and multicultural education. Teaching Strategies for Ethnic Studies helps teachers conceptualize, design, and implement a democratic, thoughtful, and just curriculum that honors and reflects the experiences of all Americans. The book offers specific resources and strategies for transforming the mainstream curriculum to incorporate content and concepts about diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, always reinforcing its main goal of leading teachers and students toward reflective decision-making about multicultural issues. Part I presents a rationale for incorporating ethnic content into the curriculum as well as goals and key concepts for the multicultural curriculum. Parts II through V include chapters on the major ethnic groups in the United States: Native and African Americans, Jewish and European Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian and Arab Americans.

Table of Contents


Goals, Concepts, And Instructional Planning

1. The Multicultural Curriculum: Rationale, Trends, and Goals
2. Developing a Multicultural Curriculum
3. Key Concepts for the Multicultural Curriculum
4. Planning the Multicultural Curriculum

II. The First Americans And African Americans: Concepts And Strategies

5. American Indians: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials
6. Native Hawaiians: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials
7. African Americans: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials

III. European Americans: Concepts And Strategies

8. European Ethnic Groups: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials
9. Jewish Americans: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials

IV. Hispanic Americans: Strategies And Materials

10. Mexican Americans: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials
11. Puerto Ricans in the United States: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials
12. Cuban Americans: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials

V. Asian Americans And Arab Americans: Concepts And Strategies

13. Asian Americans: Concepts, Strategies, and Materials
14. Arab Americans: Concepts and Materials

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