Endorsement Evaluations

Washington state requires secondary teachers to have an endorsement in a subject area taught in Washington schools. Prospective students applying to the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) or the U-ACT program must have their transcripts evaluated by an academic advisor.

The advisor will ensure the candidate has met UW content requirements in the endorsement. A minimum grade of 2.0 is required for each course to be used toward an endorsement (unless set higher by the department).

Completing the endorsement evaluation form

We recommend beginning this process as early as possible in case additional coursework is needed.

  1. Download the MIT Endorsement Evaluation form
  2. Contact an academic advisor from the following list of approved subjects and ask them to complete the evaluation
  3. Upload the completed form in your STEP or U-ACT application

Approved endorsement subjects

Early evaluation is recommended in case additional coursework is needed.