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Ann O'Doherty

Teaching Professor

Dr. Ann O’Doherty, Ed.D., serves as Interim Assistant Dean for Teacher Education and Director of the nationally recognized Danforth Educational Leadership Program at the University of Washington where she develops equity driven, learning focused, collaborative educational leaders to serve as principals and program administrators. In 2019, the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) awarded the Danforth program the Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation Program Award citing the program's strong focus and emphasis on coherent integrated curriculum and field-based learning designed to develop effective culturally responsive leaders who cultivate leadership in others. For more information on Danforth, visit

Prior to joining, UW, Ann co-designed the Collaborative Urban Leadership Program at the University of Texas in Austin, which developed effective secondary school leaders for Dallas, Houston and Austin-area school districts. Before joining higher education, Along with her colleague, Dr. Mark Gooden, she co-developed, the leadership module Building a Community of Trust through Racial Awareness for the University Council for Educational Administration and has presented at the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Conferences held in Munich, Germany and Athens, Greece. Before her contributions to higher education, Ann devoted eighteen years to PreK-12 public schools as a principal at elementary, middle, and high school levels and served as a special education and general education teacher. Her ongoing research interests include program evaluation, culturally responsive leadership development and district-level influence on school success.

Ed.D. University of Texas-Austin
M.Ed.. University of Texas-Austin
B.A. Illinois State University

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