Building a community

Vanessa Álvarez
Oct 26 2016

Supporting students in graduate school is crucial to their success, especially for students of color. Vanessa Álvarez is helping create that supportive community at the University of Washington as a program officer in its Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) while also pursuing her master’s in Leadership in Higher Education.

Finding the missing link in identity

Gregory Diggs-Yang
Oct 4 2016

The messages students receive from their schools are crucial to their identity formation. For many multiracial students, however, part of their identity often feels to be missing.

University of Washington College of Education student Gregory Diggs-Yang experienced that first-hand following his parent’s divorce.

Undergraduates explore education inside prison

Education Inside Prison class
Sep 21 2016

The nearly 18,000 inmates serving time in one of Washington’s state prisons are largely invisible to the public, yet the educational opportunities they do--or don’t--have access to can have far-reaching consequences for them and society at large.

Early childhood and family studies majors Julie Campos and Kimberley Banks were among the University of Washington undergraduates who explored those opportunities and consequences during the summer course “In Your Name: Education Inside Prison.”