The overarching mission of the School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center is to promote quality improvement of school-based mental/behavioral health services, thereby preventing or ameliorating mental health problems more effectively and promoting the social-emotional and academic development and success of youth across school, home, and community contexts. This mission will be advanced through three interconnected arms, designed to support the identification, implementation, and sustained use of evidence-based practices in schools:

  1. Research and Evaluation
  2. Training, Technical Assistance, and Advocacy
  3. Assessment, Screening, and Data Utilization

The Center represents a transdisciplinary collaboration between faculty in the College of Education (CoE) and the School of Medicine (SoM; Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences) at the University of Washington. Through this collaboration, SMART facilitates more effective and integrated approaches to research and technical assistance surrounding the implementation of evidence-based and contextually-appropriate interventions in school mental health.

SMART Center Leadership

Aaron Lyon, PhD, Assistant Professor (SoM) – Director

Doug Cheney, PhD, Professor (CoE) – Emeritus

Elizabeth McCauley, PhD, Professor (SoM)

Eric Bruns, PhD, Professor (SoM)

Carol Davis, PhD, Associate Professor (CoE)

Janine Jones, PhD, Associate Professor (CoE)

Michael Pullmann, PhD, Research Associate Professor (SoM)

Mylien Duong, PhD, Acting Assitant Professor (SoM)

Jill Locke, PhD, Assistant Professor 

Kelly Whitaker, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow (SoM)


Clayton Cook, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Ann Vander Stoep, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Washington