Community at the center

Enhancing positive outcomes for young people in the Puget Sound region is at the heart of Unite:Ed.



Through partnerships with local communities and organizations, Unite:Ed works to strengthen educational opportunities, creating meaningful change for underserved and marginalized youth of color.

The Community Partner Fellows program nurtures the next generation of education researchers and scholars — UW College of Education doctoral students — while at the same time supporting community organizations dedicated to closing opportunity gaps in education.

Research + Practice Seed Projects bring educators, researchers and communities together to learn, share ideas and co-design solutions to address persistent inequities in education.

Community Partner Fellows

  • Per-Chun Liao

    Pacific Science Center

    Project: To create opportunities for youth in underrepresented groups in STEM fields. Develop and implement experience sampling surveys, participant observations and interviews with high school students working at the Pacific Science Center.

  • Kaleb Germinaro

    Southeast Seattle Education Coalition

    Project: Building trauma resilience programs for underrepresented groups, transitional student support and healthy-family support.

  • Lindsey Kaiser

    Technology Access Foundation

    Project: To improve access to STEM and technology fields for students of color and underrepresented communities in Washington state.

  • Ishmael Miller

    School’s Out Washington

    Project: Building community systems to support quality afterschool, youth development and summer programs for Washington’s children and youth ages five through young adulthood.

  • Nicholas Taylor

    Black Education Strategy Roundtable

    Project: Development of more culturally competent educators who have a strong basis and understanding of how to combat complex factors impacting communities to promote social-emotional wellness and academic success.

  • Cory Campbell

    Boys and Girls Clubs of King County

    Project: Teaching fourth- through seventh-graders math skills with real data about NBA and WNBA players, and Summer Brain Game, week-long segments of themed activities aimed at keeping youths’ minds engaged during the summer months and on track for the school year.

  • Lana Huizar

    Washington STEM

    Project: Leveraging data science to ensure all kids, regardless of skin color, income or gender, have access to the education and opportunities that will help them thrive in family-sustaining wage careers in Washington state.

  • Huiyu Lin

    Boys and Girls Clubs of King County

    Project: Support work to create a youth-centric experience through culturally-relevant, inclusive and diverse programming, including design, implementation and evaluation.

  • Henedina Tavares

    Washington STEM

    Project: Leveraging data science to ensure all kids, regardless of skin color, income or gender, have access to the education and opportunities that will help them thrive in family-sustaining wage careers in Washington state.

  • Ai-Khanh Nguyen

    Somali Parents Education Board

    Project: Build community advocacy capacity, parent/family leadership and relationships across stakeholder groups by deepening the SPEB’s work as an equity-focused data hub for the communities it serves.

  • Support Community Partner Fellows

    Community organizations interested in supporting a Community Partner Fellow or individuals and foundations interested in funding a Fellow are encouraged to contact Unite:Ed Director Dana Arviso at

    The following Community Partner Fellows have yet to receive their placements:

    Grace Gonzales Apolonio “Polo” Hernandez Ari Hock Yang Hsou “Susan” Hou Claudia Gutiérrez Mary Padden Elizabeth Schuster Camille Ungco Jiaying Xiao

Research + Practice Seed Projects

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of King County

    This project seeks to engage young people, their families and BGCKC mentors in understanding the everyday experiences that contribute to the development of positive social relationships. This project seeks to explore the importance and impact of the role filled by a trusted adult outside of the home for young people in communities served by BGCKC.

    Faculty Partner: Emma Elliott-Groves

    Community Partner Fellow: Cory Campbell

  • Families of Color Seattle

    The UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars and FOCS will work on increasing access to advanced learning and enrichment opportunities for students of color. Together, they will explore the hurdles to participation for families of color in advanced learning in general, and also specifically in Robinson Center programs.

    Faculty Partner: Nancy Hertzog

  • Open Doors for Multicultural Families

    This project aims to help schools and social service agencies partner in a more successful and authentic way with members of culturally and linguistically diverse families of children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Through this collaboration, Open Doors for Multicultural Families and the UW Haring Center for Inclusive Education will cross-train one another toward this goal.

    Faculty Partner: Ilene Schwartz

  • Skagit Valley Education Collective / Children of the Valley

    This project will explore the community’s views and values around issues concerning students, including multilingualism, academic achievement and intellectual identities. It aims to ensure that the ways SVEC speaks about the cultures and identities of students and their families are determined by the students and their families — and to find ways to ensure continuity of support as students grow.

    Faculty Partner: Deborah McCutchen

  • Kalpulli Tlaloktekuhtli

    Kalpulli Tlaloktekuhtli will partner with South Park youth and families and Concord International School to help shape and determine their engagement with learning, as well as their integration of culturally-grounded ways of being and making sense of the world into their educational experience.

    Faculty Partner: Filiberto Barajas-López

  • Southeast Seattle Education Coalition

    This project will develop a family engagement survey to test new ideas for survey collection, including learning how to work more effectively with families of middle- and upper-grade schools. The project also includes planning for engagement with new sets of families, including families of children with disabilities and multiple racial and ethnic groups.

    Faculty Partner: Jondou Chase Chen

  • Disability Rights Washington / Rooted in Rights

    This project will undertake qualitative research of the One Out of Five (OO5) Disability History and Pride Project curriculum to provide a holistic understanding of OO5 implementation and how it might be improved moving forward. See feature story for more details.

    Faculty Partner: Katherine Lewis

  • Native Youth Leadership Alliance

    This project will identify and understand the landscape of tribal leaders, educators and networks engaged in indigenous STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education in Washington state. This research will serve as the foundation for movement towards a long-term goal to build equitable partnerships and expand access to STEAM education for native students.

    Faculty Partner: Filiberto Barajas-López

  • White Center Community Development Association

    This project will explore the role of the teachers’ union and the possibilities for collaboration between families of color and organized educators for fostering racial equity in education. This effort will reveal a greater understanding about barriers that exist within the school system limiting family/teacher interaction and their ability to build relationships.

    Faculty Partner: Ann Ishimaru

  • Eastside Pathways

    This project will explore how existing programs and supports for youth from high school through college impact their social emotional learning and academic outcomes. The project team will use a mixed-methods evaluation approach to answer this research question.

    Faculty Partner: Angel Fettig

  • Neighborhood House

    Neighborhood House’s STUDIO program is a year-round, afterschool and summer youth development program focused on STEM. This project seeks to find out how STUDIO, as an instructional model, positions graduate and undergraduate students as stewards of community-university partnerships, expands their perceptions of STEM education, and supports diverse youth to think of and identify STEM practices that are culturally sustaining and regenerative.

    Faculty Partner: Katie Headrick Taylor