Teacher Preparation

UW Teacher Preparation programs are focused on equity and academic excellence. Our graduates make a difference in the lives of children every day.

Elementary Teacher Preparation Program

Program graduates are flexible, committed professional teachers with deep content knowledge in the entire elementary curriculum and the ability to differentiate learning for the students in their classrooms.

Secondary Teacher Preparation Program

Graduates are content experts, focused on student learning, prepared to support youth from poverty-impacted communities, and to help students make the transition into young adulthood.

Seattle Teacher Residency

Residents spend a year in a Seattle Public Schools classroom teaching alongside an experienced mentor linking classroom experience to the latest in education theory and research.


The University Accelerated Certification of Teachers (U-ACT) supports teacher candidates who are teachers of record in public schools in the Seattle region. Learning is grounded in the context of the school community as well as the realities of daily teaching practice.

Special Education

Graduates are prepared to effectively identify and solve major problems in the education of children and youth with disabilities.

Professional Development for Certified Teachers

Learn about endorsements, administrative certificates, National Board certification, workshops, and institutes.


Read endorsement information for applicants, students, or currently certified teachers.


Information Sessions

November 9, December 14 3:00 PM , November 9, December 14 3:00 PM
November 9, December 14 3:00 PM , November 9, December 14 3:00 PM
September 13, November 8 3:00 PM , September 13, November 8 3:00 PM