In this 10-week module, participants will:

  • Define the characteristics of equity-driven professional learning communities that are focused on improving access and outcomes for all students;
  • building professional community  Critically read practitioner, theoretical, and empirical literature pertaining to teachers’ professional learning communities;
  • Discuss how and why professionals collaborate, tensions that may arise, and what strategies can be used to enhance collegial and congenial interactions;
  • Understand the vital role of teacher-leaders in sustaining authentic professional learning communities;
  • Apply research findings to individual contexts by crafting an action plan for improvement.

Module Structure

  • Ten 3-hour in-person seminars, held at the school district.
  • Interactive and engaging learning activities.
  • Research-based articles and chapters for discussion.
  • Personalized feedback on each participant’s progress and action plan.
  • Clock hours available.

Important Facts

  • Up to 25 participants may enroll in the module
  • 30 clock hours are available for full participation in the module (partial clock hours available upon request)
  • Timing of module is flexible and can be modified to suit district's needs
  • Sessions are conveniently held at your district

Participants Say...

“[This module] provided me with opportunities to transfer what I learned about using protocols, establishing norms and a clear vision in order to lift the level of PLC work at my schools.” – Keira Anderson, Mukilteo School District

“[I’ve learned] the importance of collegial relationships in order for meaningful work to get done.” – Teacher Participant from Meridian & Lynden School Districts, 2015



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