Are you interested in National Board Certification AND earning your MIL degree? Earn up to six graduate credits by taking support seminars available through UW's Professional and Continuing Education.

From UW PCE's website: 

Candidates pursuing National Board Certification will participate in an Orientation Session to become familiar with the NB process and the requirements, make short and long plans for the NB work, and learn to connect the NB standards to teaching and learning contexts. Throughout the school year, candidates will participate in the Certificate-Like Meetings and regional meetings. Candidates will engage with NBCTs in his/her certificate area to dig deeply into the content area. Candidates will plan units/lessons by setting high and worthwhile goals, implementing varied instructional strategies, and assessment. Candidates will receive feedback from NBCTs in his/her certificate area to reflect on
his/her teaching and learning. NBCT specialists are trained to provide feedback aligned with the NB standards and guidelines. Among other benefits, National Board Certification offers higher salary potential, strengthens teaching practice, and helps students succeed. Washington’s budget language for paying the NBCT bonus and the challenging schools bonus remains intact, providing there are no legislative changes.

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To learn more about how NBC preparation courses can apply towards your MIL degree, contact:

Sylvia Bagley, Director of Teacher Leadership

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