UW Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center Graduate Intern

UW Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center
University of Washington

The Kelly ECC has a wealth of resources and opportunities available to students including student advising, organizational development, personal growth, and referrals to different departments and programs.

The Center represents a “home away from home” to many of our ECC students. The Center has been a place where students can find familiar faces similar to themselves, staff that care about their academic and personal well-being, and where students can meet, interact, hang out, and build community. Kelly ECC is also a place where you can learn leadership development skills, share and understand different cultural perspectives, and become future leaders of tomorrow.

Possible project areas include:

Leadership without Borders - research and program support development for DACA eligible tudents

Finance and Budgeting

Program Development - Working with one of the ECC programs developing and implementing student support services. Past program development opportunities have included:

- Diversity Advocacy Intern Program

- Mentoring Program for Black Male College Students

Primary Area(s): 

working with populations such as undocumented students , fraternity/sorority groups, and communities historically underserved in higher education.

Secondary Area(s): 

Range depending on interests. For example: program administration, support services, finance

Quarters Available: 

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