Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Graduate Intern

Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMAD)
University of Washington

The story of the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity spans over 40 years. On May 20, 1968, members of the Black Student Union and their supporters staged a sit-in at the office of UW President Charles Odegaard and submitted a list of demands. The demands included increased minority student enrollment at the UW and the establishment of a Black studies program. The BSU’s actions and President Odegaard’s response led to the establishment of student programs that increased minority outreach and enrollment and offered increased student support on campus. Since 1968:

  • The Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity has served over 40,000 underrepresented minority, educationally and economically disadvantaged students
  • The percentage of students of color enrolled at UW Seattle has increased from 4.0 percent in 1968 to 35.2 percent in 2014
  • Undergraduate, graduate and professional students of color at UW Seattle numbered 15,229 in Autumn 2014


At the University of Washington and around the state, our student programs serve:

  • Over 16,000 K-12 students and 500 community college students as they prepare and plan for college, in collaboration with local school districts and community partners throughout Washington state
  • 4,998 undergraduate students with new student orientation, academic advising, instructional support, mentoring and financial aid and scholarship needs
  • 250 students as they prepare for, apply to, and succeed in graduate and professional programs

There are several possible internship areas. Below is a general description for some distinct project areas:

1. History of OMAD Research
In 2018, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMAD) will be recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the initiatives that established OMAD programs that service students of color. In preparation for this event, we are working on a book that covers the history of the OMAD since the student sit-ins in 1967. The internship responsibilities would include:
- Conducting interviews to learn about the different phases of leadership and programs that shaped OMAD.
- Archival research
- Develop timeline that provides overview of events since 1967.

2. Men of Color Initiative
This initiative is a project that is in development to create opportunities for men promoting change within higher education and decrease the graduation gap between men and women of color. The intern would collaborate with the Men of Color working group as they develop and implement the project.

3. Increasing Black Greek membership committee
There are conversations around the importance of finding community for students of color. This project explores ways to enhance access for Black Greek membership, in particular, increasing access for African American students into the Black Greek groups.

5. Assessment
Additional assessment research is available that addresses retention rates. These can be topics initiated by the intern in collaboration with Dr. Pitre.

Quarters Available: 

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