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First Year Programs
University of Washington

First Year Programs, a part of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, fosters a successful undergraduate student experience through strategic programming that focuses on positive academic transitions and the development of learning communities. Through partnerships with faculty, staff, alumni, and student leaders, our programs create the space for students to define how they will engage, learn, and thrive at the University of Washington.
Our work is guided by the following methods:

  • Intentionality. We use current assessment, research, and best practices to make decisions.
  • Collaboration. We develop transparent and collaborative relationships with campus and community partners. 
  • Diversity & Inclusion. We understand that all students have unique stories, and we support their individual learning paths. 

To understand our programs please visit

Our internships are based on the desires and interest of the intern. If interested in working with FYP please submit a cover letter of interest outlining what you hope to achieve, and how we can support you with an internship in FYP.


Note: Summer quarters are a priority. However, will also consider interest during the academic year.

Primary Area(s): 

first year student transition, academic affairs, curriculum development, program management and planning

Quarters Available: 

Featured Stories

Natalia Esquivel leads students along the path she navigated on her own, focusing on the uncertain period before beginning higher education.
Sheila Edwards Lange
Sheila Edwards Lange (PhD '06) is working to create education and career opportunities for underserved communities in Seattle.