Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity and Mary Gates Endowment Graduate Intern

Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity and Mary Gates Endowment
University of Washington

The Undergraduate Academic Affair's Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity connects UW undergraduates to expand and enrich their learning through participation in undergraduate research, engagement in community through service learning, volunteering, or leadership, and through scholarship opportunities that support undergraduate work, planning, and applications for post-baccalaureate study and fellowships.

One of the Center's programs is the Mary Gates Endowment. The internship will address the Mary Gates Endowment's work and its impact on students.

Possible areas for internships include:

1) Work with the Mary Gates Endowment to review and evaluate outreach, impact, and survey results. Goal to learn about students' experiences and use learning to inform policy changes.

2) Develop, implement, analyze, and synthesize Mary Gates Scholars surveys to understand demographics of students and majors represented in undergraduate research participation.

3) Analyze data on student participation in undergraduate research and public service to understand demographics of participation and potential relationships between participation and other student outcomes. Would require some knowledge of statistical analysis methods and software.

What You May Learn During This Internhip: 

Evaluation planning, data analysis, experience with the Human Subjects review process.

Primary Area(s): 

Experiential learning, undergraduate research, Mary Gates Endowment for Students scholarship programs

Secondary Area(s): 

Program research & evaluation

Skills/Knowldege Required: 

1&2: Strong written communication skills; 3: relevant statistical analysis methods and software

Skills/Knowledge Recommended: 

1 & 2: Awareness of evaluation processes, data analysis experience

Quarters Available: 

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