Academic Support Program’s (ASP) Resilience Lab Graduate Intern

Academic Support Program (ASP)
University of Washington

Academic Support Programs, at the University of Washington-Seattle, has become a central element in Undergraduate Academic Affairs’ mission to enhance the academic and social well-being of all UW undergraduate students. Academic Support Programs provides high level support for the full range of UW undergraduates.  We are expanding our work to support students in the development of resilience behaviors.  We recognize that the greatest learning happens when we are pushed ourselves to the edge of what we are capable of doing.  On that edge, we experience setbacks, struggles, and failures – all of which provide an opportunity for growth.  Our goal is to help students fail forward on their path through the UW.

Internship Project Ideas: 
<p>We are currently constructing a Resilience Lab website.&nbsp; Content development for the website will be a part of the graduate internship.&nbsp; The Resilience Lab is a cross-campus collaboration of faculty and staff looking to integrate resilience messaging into existing programming and to develop a few marquee resilience events on campus.&nbsp; The graduate intern will help manage a robust collaboration across multiple academic and student affairs departments.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> The duties of ASP&rsquo;s Resilience Lab Graduate intern may include but are not limited to the following:</p> <ul> <li> Coordinate meeting times and meeting logistics for lab partners</li> <li> Manage content for sections of the Resilience Lab website</li> <li> Research content for the website including cataloguing articles on resilience in higher ed</li> <li> Develop workshops to address specific resilience topics with multiple audiences in mind</li> </ul> <p>We can have a discussion about what specific goals and skills you want to gain in order to cater and make the most of this internship for you.</p>
Quarters Available: 

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