The Education Policy study option prepares you to become a leader who can direct the course of education policy within a school, district, nonprofit, philanthropic organization, or at all levels of government. The program provides a carefully constructed academic curriculum taught by nationally recognized facutly that blends theory with applied policy practice. The curriculum focuses on providing you with a foundational understanding of policy design and implementation, applied quantitative and qualitative methods, the economics of education and school finance, the dynamics of educational organizations, and the politics of policy-making. You will gain a fundamental theoretical understanding of policy, implementation, and evaluation, as well as rigorous hands-on policy experience working with professionals in the field through 150 hours of structured internship.

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Graduates of the program leave with the analytical, organizational, and leadership tools to work as professionals in the world of education policy design, implementation, and evaluation, and are prepared to:

  • Identify and articulate complex problems facing education systems.
  • Establish appropriate policy goals, targets, and tools.
  • Develop and direct a process for designing effective, efficient, and sustainable policy solutions.
  • Manage and support the policy implementation process.
  • Evaluate policy designs and the process of policy implementation.
  • Lead a team of policy designers, implementers, and evaluators.
  • Make purposeful and positive change in education.