Once you have submitted your application by the program deadline, you will have completed the first step of the process. The Office of Student Services in the College of Education will then start processing your application. Please review the information below for details on what to expect next.

STEP 1: Your application will be processed.

> Your application materials will be verified, assessed, and checked into the application within 7 business days of the application deadline.

> You may log into your online application status page to view items that have been received or not received so you may take any action on items not received. 

STEP 2: You will receive an email about your application status.

> By January 17th, you will also receive an email notification that your application is complete or incomplete.

> If your file is incomplete, you will have limited time to get any missing materials turned in to your file before your application is reviewed. The committees will begin reviewing applications after January 25th.

STEP 3: Your application will be sent to the committee for review.

> After the processing period ends, your application will be sent to the committee for review. You will receive an email notification once this has happened.

> You may be contacted about your application between February and March. The review committees plan to review through mid-March.

Application Status/Materials

I just applied, how can I check my status?

You can log back in to your online application and view your status page for updates about file completeness.  Please allow up to 7 days for Student Services to process your application.  You will also be notified by email of your status.  If your application is complete, you will see this notation on your status page: Application Complete: The department has confirmed that it has received all required application materials.

How can I expedite the processing of my application?

Be sure the unofficial transcripts uploaded are complete, legible, and include your name and degree posted if you have graduated. You should double check this by logging in to your online application and viewing your transcripts and how they uploaded. International transcripts must include the degree certificate if the degree is not posted on transcripts. Make sure you have listed the minimum number of recommenders who will be submitting letters. Remind any recommenders to submit letters if you see that they have not been received.

What if I don’t see a required item marked as received?

Please allow 7 business days for us to process any materials.  We’ll update receipt status once we have verified your materials and will contact you about anything that is missing.

How do I edit my application for transcripts or recommenders?

You can log back in and go to your status page.  From there, you can update recommenders or view and edit your transcript that was uploaded.  

My application materials show a receipt status after the deadline – is it considered late?

It is not late if it is checked in during our processing period as long as your application was submitted by the deadline.

I have uploaded transcripts; do I need to mail official transcripts?

No, it is only required to upload unofficial transcripts for the application. You will be notified if your transcripts are not legible or incomplete and will be given an opportunity to re-upload them.  If you are offered admission, at that point the Graduate School will require one official transcript be sent directly to their office in order to enroll at UW.

How will I know if a recommendation has been submitted?

Once a letter is received, it will instantly show as “received”.  Letters that are expected online will read as “activated” until received.  

If your recommender is indicating they did not receive the email link to submit the letter, you can resend them the link. This is done by you going to your Recommender section and clicking to resend the link. Let your recommenders know this request is coming from eduapp@uw.edu and have them search their entire inbox for this. You can also withdraw or add recommenders.

One or more of my recommenders have not all submitted their letter yet. Can I still submit my application?

Yes, you should still submit the application with the letter(s) pending.  The submissions will be matched to your application once completed by the recommender(s).

Is the Personal History Statement required?

No, this is an optional statement. You may see this represented as a requirement on application checklists published by Graduate School, however, this is not a College of Education requirement. 

M.Ed. Special Education Certification - Testing 

Have I met testing requirements for the M.Ed. Special Education program?

A Basic Skills test is required with tests taken for Reading, Math, and Writing for any candidate seeking certification. The acceptable tests include West-B, ACT, SAT, CBEST, and Praxis I. If your test did not include Writing, this would need to be taken with scores sent to UW. The GRE does not substitute for this test.  Writing tests earlier than 2005 for SAT do not meet the Writing requirement.

Do I need to send official Basic Skills scores?

If you have uploaded your score report or previously had scores sent to UW, you do not need to send official scores.  You would only need to send official scores if you did not upload them or if they are not part of your UW student record. We highly encourage uploading your score report if you have this. 

I was a UW student and previously submitted official test scores to UW. Do I need to re-send my scores?

If you had SAT and ACT scores sent to UW for reading, writing, and math as a previous UW student, you do not need to re-send those scores.

If I do not have a report to upload, how do I send official scores to UW?

West-B: Report to UW when registering for the test.

ACT: Contact Student Services Score Report (319-337-1270) to order your score report in addition to requesting your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle, school code #4484. Be sure to specify that your scores are sent to the UW.  ACT scores prior to 1995 cannot be used to meet the basic skills requirement.

SAT: Call 866-756-7346 and ask that your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle, school code #4854.

**Rush delivery is not necessary in sending scores.**

Decision Notifications 

When will I hear if I have been accepted or not to the program?

Target dates for decisions can be found here.  All applicants will be notified through email from eduapp@uw.edu.  Your status will also be reflected on your Application Status Page.