Somali Parents Education Board Institute

A full-day experience will offer participants the opportunity to connect with other people throughout the state to discuss the priorities of students and their families. Through the immersion into co-creation of learning environments for optimal social-emotional learning, participants will discuss what a typical day in the life of students looks like and have an opportunity to imagine what it could look like moving ahead. Through the lens of a chosen interest area, participants will start with the end in mind, and begin to map out the critical elements of moving through community building while centering the student and family experience. From there, planning and conversation will commence at the district level, allowing for building leaders, administrators, and community members will envision the future of their district, starting today.

Course Objectives

By attending this event, participants will be able to:

  • Summarize the importance of co-creating learning environments and their impact on student thriving
  • Explain the most critical elements that contribute to student success from the family perspective
  • Build a list of community priorities specific to their school district to incorporate critical elements
  • Create a list of additional community members who will be instrumental in continuing the intentional work moving forward
  • Identify and list areas where capacity building is necessary to sustain this work over the next year, and beyond
  • Share their commitment to their next best step in their specific community to support an intentional shift to centering students and their families