There is an urgent call for helping students gain media literacy skills, especially the abilities to think critically, to discern and to share. Media literacy is not just an important subject to teach — it is an engaging way to support the teaching of all subjects.  In this Media Literacy Institute you will learn to confidently use the Center for Media Literacy’s evidence-based frameworks and pedagogy to develop media literacy connections, activities and lessons that empower your students. Be ready for active learning that is full of “Aha!” moments!

Course Objectives

  • Understand basic media literacy theory, and see how to apply CML’s 5 Key Questions of Media Literacy.
  • Gain practice with close analysis, facilitating a media literacy class, including uncomfortable subjects, become a confident presenter and co-learner.
  • Get direct feedback and coaching from experienced practitioners.
  • Learn to integrate media literacy into lessons and your curricula.