With the 2020 publicized killings of Black bodies in America, educators have been flooded with equity based trainings. You have probably been to several by now that have discussed concepts like, "anti-racism", "culturally responsive", "BIPOC", "feminism", and "intersectionality". If you want a course that focuses on defining these terms, this ain’t it. This course will help you go deeper to facilitate your thinking and take action around educational liberation for Black students.

Music is a deep expression of oneself; one of the first methods of freedom for African Americans was music/voice. What is the siren call of the Black femme? What can she teach us about our students and ourselves?

We all know that institutions uphold white supremacy; we all know we are supposed to be doing something that centers this work. This course raises one aspect lacking in the Puget Sound's discourse on public education-- Black girls. And honey, Black girls are a galaxy to understand. Come explore the ways in which institutions perpetuate the censorship of the celestial beings named Black girls, and what educators can do about it. Because it's a pandemic and we all could use some genius, inspiration, and vision we will be using musical selections from Black femmes throughout American history as our map.

Course Objectives

  • Accessing an understanding of the experiences of Black girls in education through the music of Black women.
  • Planning an action step for your practice.

Course Details

  • Participants will meet on Tuesday, May 11th from 4:30 - 6:30pm PST via Zoom.
  • The fee for this course is $30.
  • The course fee includes 2.5 clock hours (2 hours online synchronous session, and 30 minutes of asynchronous work before the session).
  • Registration is limited to 25 participants. Please join our waitlist if the course becomes full. We will contact you in the event that a seat becomes available or an additional date/time of the course is created.  For questions, please contact professionallearning@uw.edu.

Meet the Instructor

Sha’ron White. She/hers/Queen. Womanist. Reparations acceptor. Single mama who doesn't play about her kids. Current elementary abolitionist educator at Seattle Public Schools. 

I have been an educator for 8 years and hold a Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington. I am so excited and humbled to be sharing my thinking and research around being a Black femme in public education.