Increasing the success of a range of students who exhibit behavior problems in more inclusive settings has been the focus of my career. Much of my research examines effective... Read More
Dr. Elfers presently researches issues of teaching quality and the teacher workforce, particularly within the context of Washington state.  She is interested in research and... Read More
Dr. Stephen Fink is the executive director of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL), and affiliate professor of educational leadership & policy... Read More
Dr. Halverson’s research and teaching focus on three central areas: education policy and the politics of policymaking, international and comparative education, and... Read More
Meredith Honig is a Professor of Education Policy, Organizations, & Leadership at the University of Washington (UW), Seattle, where she is also Director of the District... Read More
The foundation of my research and teaching is multiculturalism—an inclusive construct that recognizes that within each person co-existing cultures influence how we interact... Read More
Dr. Karin Lohwasser is a Researcher in the College of Education, University of Washington. Her professional interest focuses on teacher education and professional development,... Read More
My research centers on child growth and development from 3 to 8 years of age. This focus is a direct outgrowth of my professional experiences working as a school psychologist in... Read More
Dr. Ann O’Doherty, EdD, serves as Associate Dean of Professional Studies and Director of the Danforth Educational Leadership Program at the University of Washington where... Read More
Dr. Plecki's research and teaching expertise includes: school finance, education policy, the economics of education, educational leadership, the allocation of resources for... Read More
I partner with K-12 science teachers and other educators in educational and professional learning contexts to support student engagement in ongoing, collective sense-making about... Read More
Jessica G. Rigby uses lenses from organizational sociology to understand the role of school and district leaders in the implementation of policy, classroom instruction, and... Read More
Max Silverman is the executive director of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) where he provides leadership for improving school systems focused... Read More
Research and Teaching Interests My current teaching and research focuses on developing individual-student behavior assessments and supports within school-wide positive behavior... Read More
As an education policy researcher, Dr. Min Sun's work has centered on the policies and practices for improving teacher and school effectiveness. She specializes in using... Read More
Mark Windschitl is a professor of Science Teaching and Learning at the University of Washington. His research interests deal with the early career development of science teachers... Read More
William Zumeta joined the Evans School faculty in the fall of 1985.  He holds a joint appointment as Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies in the College... Read More