Learning Sciences and Human Development is a graduate study option that focuses on the nature and interaction of learning, development, and culture in a variety of settings from preschools to workplaces and museums to computer-based environments, as well as other informal and non-traditional educational settings. We are an interdisciplinary group with a shared interest in questions about human learning and development. Our approaches to these questions are appropriately diverse, ranging from ethnography to school-based research to neuroscience. Despite this diversity, we are unified in our interest and commitment to how our work can affect how real people learn in real places. We involve students in innovative research around these issues, supported by federal, state, and private funding sources.

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You will gain technical and intellectual foundations for practice in a variety of research and educational settings. Graduates of the master's program can be found working as educators in settings such as museums and nonprofit organizations and as researchers and consultants in public and private sector positions ranging from schools to software design. Graduates of the doctoral program often take university faculty positions.

This program does not lead to state teaching certification.