The Early Childhood & Family Studies (ECFS) Departmental Honors Program

The ECFS major is designed to give students the opportunity to study early childhood development, early learning, and family studies from a variety of perspectives across a range of disciplines. Students will take coursework that is specifically developed for the major, along with relevant courses from other University departments. They will participate in a service learning and research experience during their time in the major.

The ECFS Departmental Honors program will allow students to:

  • Pursue more rigorous coursework within the ECFS major or a related area of study
  • Explore graduate study options
  • Collaborate on projects with College of Education faculty
  • Participate in research study development and implementation
  • Present their work at the undergraduate research symposium, or a similar venue

ECFS Departmental Honors Requirements

  • Declared ECFS major
  • Junior status
  • GPA of 3.5 cumulative and 3.7 in the major (these GPAs must be maintained to participate in and graduate with ECFS Departmental Honors)
  • Minimum of 9 credits of approved graduate-level courses as part of (and not addition to) the 20 required electives.
  • Courses must be approved by the ECFS adviser (and possibly the faculty adviser) who will assist with course selection and monitor progress in the independent study course
  • Minimum of 3 credits of ECFS 499: Undergraduate Research, or another similar research/independent study course
  • Students must present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium (or a similar venue)
  • ECFS Honors Planning Worksheet

University of Washington Honors
To be eligible for College Honors, students must be accepted to the Interdisciplinary Honors Program in their freshman year. Additionally, students must be accepted into the departmental honors program for their major, which occurs during the junior year. Students who complete both the Interdisciplinary Honors and Departmental Honors will graduate “With College Honors in Early Childhood & Family Studies”.

Departmental Honors
Students who do not participate in or complete the Interdisciplinary Honors Curriculum but are admitted into and complete the departmental honors program will receive a degree “With Honors in Early Childhood & Family Studies”.

If you have questions regarding this option in the ECFS major, please contact ECFS Advising.

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