Superintendent, Federal Way Public Schools

How did your interest in education begin?

Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell’s upbringing as young girl in the Louisiana Delta convinced her schools are “game changers” for students and communities. That awareness led her to accomplish many firsts in her family including high school valedictorian, first college graduate, and first doctoral student. At every milestone, she would reflect on her journey and the key people who lifted her toward her dreams. She came to realize those who shared her journey without fail were teachers.

How have you been involved in education, professionally or as an advocate, over the years?

Dr. Tammy Campbell brings over 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher, principal, executive director of teaching and learning, and executive director of instructional programs. Her experience includes a leadership role at the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership, and most recently, assistant superintendent for learning and teaching. In her fourth year as superintendent in Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS), Dr. Campbell leads multiple efforts to improve achievement for ALL 23,000+ scholars. Through her leadership, graduation rates have increased to their highest levels ever, while most recently passing the largest construction bond of over half a billion dollars.

What one or two education issues are you most passionate about (and why)?

Over the course of her educational career, she has framed her leadership approach so that student results are the focus, staff voice and empowerment are essential, authentic community and family partnerships support efforts, and data coupled with research-based practices are the guide to building systems of support and accountability.

Tell us about an educator who made a particularly large impact on your life.

My collective teachers in Lake Providence, Louisiana made a tremendous impact on me. They simply believed I could do anything! Their high expectations of me propelled me to college and to believing I could do anything I set my mind to.

Share an unusual/fun fact about yourself.

I love astronomy and playing chess.