In this 10-week module, participants will:

  • discuss how to use assessment data to inform classroom practice and promote student growth;
  • review basic ‘data literacy’ terms and skills;
  • conduct and analyze data available for teachers’ use at their school site;
  • articulate a theory of action for incorporating data use into plans for school improvement;
  • develop strategies to support colleagues in collecting, analyzing, and acting upon appropriate assessments of student learning.

Module structure

This blended professional development module consists of 9 online sessions and 3 two-hour in-person seminars (held at school district). Each of the nine online sessions includes:

  • a self-directed, audio-narrated slideshow presentation
  • an interactive discussion forum
  • research-based articles and chapters for discussion
  • an instructor webcam check-in
  • personalized feedback on participants' progress

Important Facts

  • Up to 25 participants may enroll in the module
  • 30 clock hours are available for full participation in the module (partial clock hours available upon request)
  • Timing of module is flexible and can be modified to suit district's needs
  • UW instructor will come to your district to provide in-person support

Participants Say...

“I think the biggest thing for me with [this module] has been realizing how much data collection we do as teachers, and how much that analysis can actually be on the ground [and] easy. It doesn’t always have to be tons of charts and graphs that we’re trying to decipher.” Lindsay Richards, Social Studies high school teacher, Northshore School District.

“[On my grade level team, I said], ‘Let’s look at data with the test in hand. Let’s actually peel back some layers of the onion as far as our Danielson [framework] goes for our student growth goals.’ And we’ve been able to dig deeper than we ever have before, just using that model and the [Data Wise] cycle.” Heidi Bush, 6th grade ELA teacher, Northshore School District

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