Dear Potential Community Partner,

As the name of our major implies, community is central to the ECO major; from organizations to the individuals they serve.   Our faculty and staff are dedicated to creating avenues for the community voice in conversations on our curriculum, as well as promoting equitable community partnerships for the capstone internship.

The ECO major prepares students to meet the teaching and learning needs of communities in equitable ways.   We believe that every day you educate! Teaching and learning can be found in every community and profession; from teaching to youth development, policy reform, professional development and health care.

The ECO major prepares students to work with communities by using their knowledge and skills in:

  • human development;
  • equity studies;
  • learning across contexts;
  • organizational change, and;
  • community-based research and practice.

We believe in the power of community-based learning.   It furthers organizational goals, addresses community-identified problems and promotes student learning.   ECO students partner with a local organization to complete a year-long capstone internship.  

We invite you to consider a partnership with ECO.   Explore our core courses and consider bringing the community to the classroom.  Browse the frequently asked questions about our senior capstone internship .  Or consider serving as a member of our Community Advisory Board .

We look forward to future conversations on the ways ECO might further your organization and serve the community.

In Partnership,

Cassady Glass Hastings 

Lead Faculty, ECO Major

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