B.A. in Education, Communities and Organizations

Academic Background & Research Interests

Education, Multilingualism, ESL

Personal Background 

I am an out of state sophomore at the UW, having been raised in Los Angeles, CA. I have attended public, private, and a number of formative experiences educational institutions that have empowered me to pursue education. I envision to become a teacher of equity and diversity, and eventually, a principal who is capable of creating a safe, inclusive, diverse environment for students at school.

What led you to pursue a Degree in Education?

My passion and vision for education; it is the greatest great tool for global change and improvement.

Why did you choose the UW and College of Education?

I chose the UW College of Education due to the resources this college has to offer for undergraduate students. It allows immersion in the field during the time of pursuing a degree, has great professors and content, is a field of growth and change.

What will you do to transform the world upon graduation? 

I will impact the world by empowering students through education. It is one of my life goals to travel to countries that do not have access to an enriched education or learning environment.


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