M. Ed. in Learning Science and Human Development

Academic Background and Research Interests

My academic background and research interrests are in Agency/Social and Emotional Learning/ Community Engagement.

Personal Background

Originally from Japan, I was raised in Texas. Since then, I’ve been going back and forth between Japan and the United States. Utilizing my bicultural background, I’ve implemented community building projects involving youth in Vietnam and the Philippines. I enjoy traveling to understand different cultures and lifestyles, as they help me broaden my viewpoint of the world around me.

What Led You to Pursue a Degree in Education?

As my undergraduate studies focused on social entrepreneurship education and included practical research projects, I wanted to advance my understanding on the cognitive and psychological development among youth in service learning/project-based learning. I also wanted to explore additional career options related to education in and outside Japan.

Why Did You Choose the UW and College of Education?

As my interests lie in social entrepreneurship, I’ve always had the desire to engage in discussions around social justice, diversity, and equity. Although I appreciate the humble and modest virtue in Japan, the homogeneous culture pushed me to seek a more engaging conversation about social good. UW and the College of Education was a perfect place for me to delve into the deep conversations and experiences on how to achieve an equal and inclusive society. I was specifically drawn into the Learning Sciences program because of its flexibility, interdisciplinary aspects, and emphasis on bridging research and practice. Also, the well-regarded educational psychology program in the College of Education was a perfect fit to my research interests, which are socioemotional learning and cognitive development.

What Will You Do to Transform the World upon Graduation?

Taking advantage of my bicultural characteristics and practices, I would like to provide community engagement opportunities to foster agency and compassion among youth in Asian countries. It is my wish to connect adolescents to society through project-based learning experiences that help identify and utilize their talent. I believe that my understanding towards various cultures and emerging knowledge to instill ownership and self-efficacy in youth can help me accomplish my lifelong goal.

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