What if every child came to school curious, engaged and hopeful? If every school was welcoming and inclusive?

What would our world look like?

Our Watershed Moment

Our region is defined by creativity, entrepreneurship, and cultural and social diversity. We aren’t afraid to innovate and launch ambitious new ideas. Our public education system should reflect this spirit.

Sadly, Washington is among the states with the widest gaps in educational opportunity and achievement.

Students in our poverty-impacted communities are more likely to be taught by novice teachers and less likely to have access to advanced courses. In South King County, fewer than 3 in 10 students will earn a degree beyond a high school diploma. By 2020, more than 67 percent of Washington’s jobs, especially those in innovation-driven, high-wage occupations, will be closed to these students.

For our children’s future, and for the shared prosperity of our region, we must tackle these challenges today.

Together Undaunted

Together, we can redesign education to unlock every child’s potential.

Powerful partnerships are at the center of our work.

By embedding our research and service directly in local schools and communities, we co-design solutions to real-world issues such as teaching quality, STEM education and early childhood education.

These solutions serve as regional and national templates to better support underserved students.

Our professional preparation programs for teachers, principals and district leaders are nationally-recognized for developing the equity-minded, passionate and skilled educators our students need.

We are launching a campaign to advance excellent teaching and learning for all students in Washington and beyond. Our million campaign will:

  1. Create an educational makerspace where researchers and practitioners co-design and move innovative solutions into practice.
  2. Support the next generation of outstanding teachers, leaders and researchers, as well as the growth of practicing educators.
  3. Advance the adoption of high-quality early learning practices and expand the pipeline of outstanding early educators.

We invite you to join us in this audacious endeavor to build the educational system our children deserve. Together, we can do more than imagine change — we can create it.

Impact Areas

UW’s nationally-recognized researchers partner with educators, community organizations and policymakers to advance equity and excellence in our schools.

  • Teaching quality
  • Early childhood learning
  • STEM education
  • Leadership development
  • Social emotional learning
  • Special education
  • College access