MEd. Leadership in Higher Education

Academic Background & Research Interests

I come from both a Community College and State College background. My research is focused on at risk youth and how best to assist them through the higher education experience.

What led you to pursue a Degree in Education?

I found that I have a good personality for working with young adults and have a great passion for helping them attain their higher education goals.

Why did you choose the UW and College of Education?

I wanted to go to a school in a large city with a strong international community. UW has a strong reputation in the higher education field and would give me the best opportunity to immerse myself in a culturally diverse community.

What will you do to transform the world upon graduation?

I’m not looking to transform the world. I merely want to make a difference for as many youth as I can. I think that by supporting them, I am empowering them to change the world.

Featured Stories

A new mural in Miller Hall highlights the stories, knowledge and pedagogies of Native communities.