M.Ed. Learning Sciences & Human Development

Academic Background & Research Interests

I have earned my B.A. in Child and Family Studies in Fu Jen University in Taiwan. I am interested in how culture impact the development of the child and the formation of their identity.

Personal Background (any information you would like to share):

I was born in Taiwan. Experienced living and studying in Malaysia and China with my family when I was a child. Those experience made me interested in the impact of culture.

What led you to pursue a Degree in Education?

I believed in the power of education which could change people’s life.

Why did you choose the UW and College of Education?

UW and the College of Education provide students different learning opportunities and empowers their student to plan for their learning.

What will you do to transform the world upon graduation?

I wish I could be able to provide a secure and welcoming learning environment for students from diverse culture backgrounds. Moreover, helping kids that migrate with their family to have a sense of belongingness.

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