I was interested in the ECFS major because of the opportunities it provided undergraduates for learning about the various issues, areas of development, and career paths within the field of education. As an ECFS and psychology double-major, I was able to complete my service learning through the psychology department at the Early Childhood Cognition Lab (ECCL). During this experience, I worked as a research assistant to assist in the planning and implementation of studies focused on understanding the cognitive processes of babies. I established skills in both psychological research and hands-on work, and was able to apply the knowledge I had gained in the classroom to the work I was doing in the ECCL.

During my time in the major, I was able to determine my future academic and career goals after being exposed to the importance of quality early-learning experiences and the effect they have on children throughout their lives. I am now attending the University of Southern California for Postsecondary Administration and Student affairs to earn my M.Ed. It is my goal to serve college students and create leadership development opportunities and programs. I encourage all students who are even remotely interested in education to join the ECFS program- you never know what you may develop an interest and passion for!

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