Current Position: 

Kindergarten Teacher

While I was at UW'S ECFS program I became really interested and excited working with and observing young children as they developed and learned in their environment. I found myself gravitating towards teaching and becoming involved with students, therefore I decided to enter a teacher preparation program right after graduating from UW.

Pacific Lutheran UniversityÕs master of arts in teaching program allowed me the opportunity to student teach in a kindergarten class for an academic year as I worked closely with students while building relationships and developing meaningful lessons to fit my students' needs. Teaching can be difficult as we are learning hidden caveats such as rigorous standards and expectations of you and your students from the districts and the state.

As daunting and stressful as it can be during any student teaching program, it is important to remember you are there for the students. You are trying to help your students become individual thinkers and help them be involved in their education instead of passive learners. If you can inspire students to explore, ask questions and be active participants in their education you are being a teacher.

I am teaching my first kindergarten class at Clover Park School District in 2014 - 2015. It is exciting and frightening to be in charge of my own classroom but I am more ecstatic to be able to work with young students for my career! My future plans include teaching in more classrooms, and when the opportunity arises I would love to teach abroad.

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