M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction (Language, Literacy, and Culture)

Academic Background & Research Interests

I recently completed my BA in applied linguistics at UCLA, and I am currently interested in studying the intersections of language, culture, and identity.

Personal Background 

My parents immigrated to Panama from the southeastern part of China. I was born in Panama, but I lived in China until age four. For high school, I attended boarding school in northern California, and after completing my undergraduate studies in LA, I worked as an after-school teacher for a year before moving to Seattle to start my M.Ed. program at the University of Washington. I enjoy reading, writing, and exploring cultural cuisine. 

What led you to pursue a Degree in Education?

It was through working as an after-school teacher that I fell in love with education. I wanted to know how I could best serve my students, and I believe that a degree in education will help me do just that. 

Why did you choose the UW and College of Education?

The UW College of Education has a very diverse community of students and faculty, which I find very valuable as each person enriches the campus by bringing in different perspectives and ideas. I am also inspired by the college's passionate commitment to educational justice. 

What will you do to transform the world upon graduation?

I will continue learning and putting that knowledge in action. 


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