Ph.D. Multicultural Education

Academic Background and Research Interests

I have a B.A. in Psychology and Pre Health Minor, from St. Edward's University. I also a master in Public Health in International Health, Applied Medical Anthropology Minor and Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching, Oregon State University.

My research interests are in access to higher education, student identity development, inclusive/equitable learning environments, critical pedagogy as a means for transformational learning, and dialogic practices for diversity preparedness.

Personal Background

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas to Salvadorean and Haitian parents. Spanish is my first language, and I am fluent in both oral and written Spanish and English. I recently graduated from Oregon State University with a Masters of Public Health (International Health), Anthropology Minor and a Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching. I have experience working in a variety of different settings both locally and internationally in secondary and higher education in areas such as academic success, community health, citizenship, anti-oppression/ empowerment, and sustainability.

What Led You to Pursue a Degree in Education?

I decided to pursue a degree in education because of my personal story as a student. The mentors and educators that I have had throughout my undergraduate and graduate career thus far have provided me with empowering and transformational learning experiences. Having had the opportunity to work as an educator in various settings since then, I have witnessed the magnitude of such experiences in inspiring students to claim their education and become social change agents. My goal as an educator is to nudge learning in a new direction, in which learners (educators and students) in various contexts, with different positionalities can construct knowledge into transformational learning experiences.

Why Did You Choose the UW and College of Education?

I chose UW for several reasons, some of which include the amazing professors, the learning opportunities provided to students, the location in Seattle, and the diverse composition of the student body. Specifically, I chose the College of Education at UW because it merges various disciplines to critically analyze the role of schools and teachers in the learning process. I believe that it is critical that educators work from interdisciplinary knowledge from multiple conceptual frameworks in order to understand the needs of learners and the roots of those needs. Through this program, I have the opportunity to conduct cross-disciplinary research, and I am provided with the tools needed to re-imagine schools and other educational settings.

What Will You Do to Transform the World upon Graduation?

My plan for the future is to create more inclusive spaces in both formal and informal learning environments. Upon completion of my degree, I hope to help educators prepare for working effectively across differences in order to create diverse and inclusive learning spaces that focus on equitable pedagogy.

Featured Stories

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