Study Program:
Ph.D. Multicultural Education

Academic Background and Research Interests

My research interests are in citizenship education, multicultural education, equity, identity, radical triangulation, critical race theory, and my background is in Hispanic languages and literature.

Personal Background

I am a 1.5 generation Koren-American who came to the U.S. when I was one. I grew up in Shrewsbury, MA, and did my undergrad in Pittsburgh with a semester abroad in Spain. I also lived in Chile for three years.

What Led You to Pursue a Degree in Education?

While being in Chile, I started a master program which was interrupted by nation-wide student strikes. This situation made me really passionate about equity and access education, which motivated me to pursue a degree in education.

Why Did You Choose the UW and College of Education?

My decision to study at UW and the CoE was two parts. First, academically I was really inspired by Dr. Banks' work. Second, I really wanted to be close to my sister and my baby niece/angel/princess!

What Will You Do to Transform the World upon Graduation?

Upon graduation, I would like to work towards getting a Ph.D. to continue to fight for equity in education, in both curriculum and structural changes.

Featured Stories

A new mural in Miller Hall highlights the stories, knowledge and pedagogies of Native communities.