Leadership for Learning

The University of Washington College of Education’s Leadership for Learning (Ed.D.) program is the 2016 recipient of the Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation Program Award, presented by the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA).

The Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation Program Award (EELP), sponsored by The Wallace Foundation, is given to a university-based program that demonstrates exemplary educational leadership preparation and is a national model for supporting the success of future school leaders.

“UCEA congratulates the University of Washington on receiving the EELP award,” said UCEA Executive Director Michelle Young. “The EELP award complements UCEA’s core mission and we are so pleased to have such a deserving program as this year’s recipient. UW is a true exemplar in the preparation of educational leaders particularly in their focused orientation towards organizational learning and program improvement.”

Led by Director Meredith Honig, associate professor of education, the L4L program is dedicated to growing systems-focused leaders capable of tackling the historical systemic inequities that contribute to persistent disparities in educational opportunity. A particular strength of the L4L program, as identified by the EELP award review team, is the persistent use of multiple data sources both to identify weaknesses within the program and then to address each weakness through program improvement efforts.

Honig said L4L faculty, students and alumni work with research, data and requests from the field to help leaders across the State of Washington lead for equity and excellence for each and every student.

“Together, we support leaders in central offices, schools and partner organizations to lead from where they are,” she said. “Not to manage the systems we have, but to create and continuously improve the systems we need to realize real results—especially for the students our educational systems have traditionally underserved. The UCEA award is a wonderful recognition of this collective, ongoing effort to design and deliver a rigorous Ed.D. program that supports real and lasting improvement.”

In its EELP award submission, the L4L program documented nearly a dozen instances of collaborative data use by program faculty for finding and solving program problems illustrating the program’s strong commitment to inquiry, learning and improvement. Additionally, the L4L program has developed critical support structures including faculty work routines that promote the kinds of ongoing faculty collaboration essential for continuous program improvement.

According to Shelby Cosner, associate professor of educational organization and leadership at the University of Illinois at Chicago and chair of the EELP Review Committee, the UW program scored strongly in nearly every award criteria area.

“Although the review committee was most impressed with the culture of inquiry and ongoing improvement that has been established within the program, the committee was also particularly impressed by the program’s curricular logic model and coherent program curriculum. The review committee also found the curricula vitae of program faculty compelling,” Cosner said. “We were pleased to recommend the L4L program as a deserving recipient of the EELP Award.”

About the Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation Program Award

Quality leadership preparation is essential to quality leadership practice. Research reveals an important relationship between preparation and leaders’ career outcomes, practices and school improvement efforts. To celebrate exemplary programs and encourage their development, UCEA has established the EELP Award. The award is sponsored by The Wallace Foundation. Applications are judged on the extent to which the program: 1) reflects UCEA’s research-based UCEA Institutional and Program Quality Criteria on the features, content and experiences associated with effective leadership preparation, and 2) has demonstrated evidence of program effectiveness. A UCEA Selection Committee made up of individuals with strong expertise in educational leadership preparation review and evaluate the nominees.


Meredith Honig, Associate Professor of Education and Director, Leadership for Learning (Ed.D.) program
206-616-0679, mihonig@uw.edu

Dustin Wunderlich, Director for Marketing and Communications
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