Date: 6:30-8:30 p.m. April 7
Location: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, 106 Trinity St., Toronto
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The outstanding scholarship of UW College of Education faculty and alumni will be recognized during next month's American Educational Research Association meeting in Toronto.

Those being recognized include:

Professor Jessica Rigby, Early Career Award, AERA Division A (Administration, Organization, & Leadership)

Rigby uses lenses from organizational sociology to understand the role of school and district leaders in the implementation of policy, classroom instruction, and improving teacher practice towards increasing equitable outcomes for historically marginalized communities.

Her current project is Systems Leadership for Math Improvement, a Design Based Implementation Research project in collaboration with two local school districts and a team of other researchers and students at the UW to improve elementary mathematics instruction through redesigning systems, tools, and leadership development at the district-level. She recently co-edited a special issue in the American Journal of Education about issues of structure and agency in education.

During AERA, Rigby will present her co-authored paper “Leadership Development Through Design and Experimentation: Learning in a Research-Practice Partnership,” during an April 8 session.

Professor Emily Machado, Outstanding Dissertation Awards, Second Language Research SIG and Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education SIG

Machado’s dissertation, “Young Children's Translingual and Transnational Writing in an Urban Literacy Classroom,” used qualitative case study methods to examine how a teacher in a highly linguistically diverse second grade classroom invited students to bring languages other than English into their school writing.

The study explored how this invitation supported children's agency, power and expression in their writing. Through her research, Machado sought to disrupt deficit narratives about students with immigrant status and those designated as “English Learners.”

Julia Daniels (PhD ‘18), Outstanding Dissertation Award, AERA Division K (Teaching and Teacher Education)

Daniels’ dissertation, “White Women Teachers and the Possibilities of Harm Reduction,” argues for the importance of understanding racism as perpetuated through White teachers’ racialized self-understandings and conceptions of Whiteness itself. Her project upends commonly-held assumptions about White teachers teaching across racialized difference: for example, the value, importance and possibility of minimizing racialized differences between White teachers and students of color or the potential of White teachers to fully disrupt their participation in racism within public school classrooms.

Daniels completed her doctorate in the UW’s Language, Literacy and Culture program. She is on the faculty of Antioch University Seattle and serves as program coordinator for its Alternative Route to Teacher Certification.

During AERA, Daniels is co-author of “New Words, Old Injustices: Vocabularies of Equity in Teacher Education Policy and Praxis,” which will be presented during an April 8 session.

Stephanie Forman (PhD ‘18), Outstanding Dissertation Award, Politics of Education Association SIG

Forman’s dissertation, “Leading for Equity: How Education Leaders Navigate Conflicts to Implement Dual Language Immersion Policies,” analyzes conflict episodes during dual language immersion policy implementation in different grade-level teams at multiple schools to trace how leaders’ strategic actions influenced policy outcomes. Her findings depict effective political leadership moves in varied educational contexts, illustrating how leaders drew strategically upon different sources of authority and adapted their approaches based on local conditions.

Forman completed her doctorate in the UW’s Educational Policy, Organizations and Leadership program. She is a scholar-in-residence at the UW’s District Leadership Design Lab and secondary dual language specialist at Highline Public Schools.

During AERA, she will present her paper “How Do Equity Policies Succeed? Investigating the Micro-Politics of Dual Language Implementation” on April 8 and her paper “In Search of Successful Equity-Policy Leadership: Brokering Agreements in Support of Dual Language Implementation” on April 9.


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