Faculty and students from the University of Washington College of Education gather in a classroom.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked the University of Washington College of Education No. 5 among the nation’s best public education schools — and No. 13 among education schools overall — in its annual graduate school rankings, released March 30.

Reflecting on the College’s top rankings, Dean Mia Tuan noted that the College’s commitment to equity is what truly makes it a leader among its peers.

“While it’s always great to be validated through these rankings, our College’s reputation for excellence is really derived from our inclusive and community-driven focus,” Tuan said. “We are incredibly proud to be a public school of education that partners with our community to produce innovative practices that can better meet the needs of children and families from diverse backgrounds as well as prepare the next generation of teachers and educators to dismantle systemic inequities.”

U.S. News sent surveys to 438 schools granting education doctoral degrees in the fall of 2020 and early 2021, with 277 providing data that the publication used to calculate rankings. Measures include quality assessment based on surveys filled out by education school deans, deans of graduate studies at education schools and education professionals; research activity based on total research expenditures and average expenditures per faculty member; student selectivity based on acceptance rate and mean GRE scores; and faculty resources and productivity based on doctoral degrees granted, student to faculty ratios and percentage of faculty with awards. (Read more about U.S. News' methodology.)

In the latest rankings of education specialty programs, UW had top 20-ranked programs in all eight of the areas in which it has programs. Six UW education specialty programs were ranked in the top 10 among public education schools and, for the seventh consecutive year, at least three programs were ranked among the top 10 nationally. UW’s ranked programs are:

  • Curriculum and Instruction: No. 8 public; No. 11 overall
  • Educational Administration: No. 7 public; No. 12 overall (tie)
  • Education Policy: No. 9 public; No. 15 overall (tie)
  • Educational Psychology: No. 12 public (tie); No. 17 overall (three-way tie)
  • Elementary Teacher Education: No. 6 public (tie); No. 8 overall (three-way tie)
  • Higher Education Administration: No. 11 public; No. 20 overall
  • Secondary Teacher Education: No. 4 public (tie); No. 5 overall (tie)
  • Special Education: No. 6 public (tie); No. 7 overall (tie)

Education is among six major disciplines ranked annually by U.S. News. These disciplines are the graduate program areas with the largest enrollments and, in addition to education, include business, engineering, law, medicine and nursing.

View the College’s U.S. News profile page for more information.



Charleen Wilcox, Director for Marketing and Communications, College of Education, wilcoxc@uw.edu
Kim Eckart, Public Information Officer, Social Sciences, University of Washington News, keckart@uw.edu