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Timothy Yeomans (EdD '09), superintendent of Puyallup School District and a strong advocate for aspiring school and district-level leaders in Washington state, has received the University Council Educational Administration Excellence in Educational Leadership Award.

Yeomans was nominated by the University of Washington College of Education's P-12 policy organization and leadership programs for the national award, which recognizes practicing school administrators who have made significant contributions to the improvement of administrator preparation.

Meredith Honig, director of UW's Leadership for Learning doctorate in education (Ed.D.) program, noted that Yeomans has helped recruit, support and mentor aspiring educational leaders and provided feedback to help the College's leadershp programs grow and stay responsive to the ever-changing needs of the field.

Ann O'Doherty, director of the Danforth Educational Leadership Program, said Yeomans exemplifies what it means to grow leadership at all levels of the educational system.

“He is really interested in making sure that we have very strong pipelines of leaders in this area,” O'Doherty said.

Before assuming leadership of Puyallup School District in 2012, Yeomans served as superintendent of Meridian School for five years, and was a high school principal, teacher, student leadership advisor, coach and athletic director.

Service to “each child” in the Puyallup School District through the improvement of instruction, student growth and achievement, is Yeomans’ passion.

"Aligning instructional programs with the necessary resources and creating lasting partnerships with institutions of higher learning are the vehicles by which much of this work is undertaken," Yeomans said. "Implementing the mission and vision of the school board and the district in order to provide a meaningful post-secondary educational opportunity for 'each child' is the central focus of the ongoing work in the Puyallup School District now, and into the future."

Yeomans earned his doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies through the Leadership for Learning (L4L) program and has served on the Professional Education Advisory Board for the College's administrator preparation programs. He actively partakes in leadership work with the Washington Association of School Administrators and instructs graduate students who aspire to become school and district leaders at Pacific Lutheran University and Washington State University. In addition, he is an ongoing contributor to the Danforth and L4L programs.


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