Ann Ishimaru

An article written by a University of Washington College of Education professor that offers guidance to school leaders on how to close opportunity and achievement gaps among students has been honored as the most read article of 2014 in the journal Leadership & Policy in Schools.

"Beyond Individual Effectiveness: Conceptualizing Organizational Leadership for Equity" was written by lead author Ann Ishimaru, an assistant professor of education at UW, and Mollie Galloway of Lewis & Clark College.

Despite increasing policy focus on individual leadership effectiveness, the authors argue in their paper, there is a dearth of scholarship examining how organizational leadership might address persistent opportunity and outcome disparities by student race, class, ethnicity, home language and ability. Ishimaru and Galloway propose a conceptual framework of equitable leadership practice, describing three drivers to catalyze organizational growth in 10 high-leverage equitable practices designed to mitigate disparities for non-dominant students. They articulate what each of 10 key leadership practices might look like along a continuum from little to exemplary equitable practice, offer a tool to catalyze organizational leadership growth, and discuss theoretical and practical implications of the framework.

The article currently is available at no charge from Leadership & Policy in Schools. 


Ann Ishimaru, Assistant Professor of Education


Dustin Wunderlich, Director for Marketing and Communications