Elementary mathematics

Two math educators at the University of Washington College of Education co-authored the most read blog post of 2016 on the Teaching Channel’s Tchers’ Voice blog.

“Modeling With Mathematics,” co-authored by Elham Kazemi, Geda and Phil Condit Professor in Math and Science Education, and Kendra Lomax, a teacher educator and managing director of UW’s Teacher Education by Design project, was the most read of 545 Tchers’ Voice posts.

In “Modeling With Mathematics,” Kazemi and Lomax discuss the importance of providing children with opportunities to practice making sense of the world through a mathematical perspective. They introduce “three-act tasks,” a lesson structure designed specifically to engage children in modeling with mathematics, and showcase examples teachers trying them with elementary students.

The blog post was written in connection with a National Science Foundation-funded project Kazemi and Lomax are working on to design online courses for K-2 teachers around modeling and argumentation in mathematics and science.


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