The University of Washington is hosting the 2015 Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO) conference June 29-30 in Mary Gates Hall. The event will feature hands-on workshops about introducing philosophical inquiry in elementary, middle and high school classrooms, as well as presentations on topics such as creating classroom communities, building school philosophy programs, developing a culturally responsive pedagogy for philosophy programs, and much more.

Noted educator Jonathan Kozol, the National Book Award–winning author of Savage Inequalities, Death at an Early Age, The Shame of the Nation and Amazing Grace, among other books, will present the conference's keynote address June 29 at 9 am. Kozol’s career has been devoted to advocating for equity for all public school children.

Eleven clock hours available for Washington State teachers who attend the conference.

Registration is $150 for non-PLATO members and $115 for PLATO members. Register and find more accommodation information online. Keynote only attendance is $15. Pre-registration is required.


Dustin Wunderlich, Director for Marketing and Communications