EDU Talks: Exploring what works in education

Janine Jones EDU Talks
Feb 11 2016

What keeps kids strong? How can a sense of brotherhood support young men of color and empower them to thrive? Is it possible to make school bureaucracy a key driver of improved learning?

These and other pressing issues in education were the focus of EDU Talks, a fast-paced series of talks by University of Washington College of Education faculty members working to unlock the potential of all students. Each faculty member had five minutes and one image to explore their current research partnerships with schools, districts, families and community organizations.

Thriving in the face of adversity

Polo DeCano
Feb 11 2016

Leaving friends behind to move to a new city.

Dealing with a relationship that ends.

Watching as classmates or relatives are victimized by violence.

An obituary for Common Core?

Common Core
Feb 2 2016

The following opinion piece by Stephen Fink, executive director of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership and affiliate professor of educational leadership and policy studies, first appeared on CEL's Instructional Leadership in Action blog.

Filling the gap between practice and policy

Early education classroom
Feb 1 2016

As a teacher at a San Francisco preschool, Kathleen Kuhl experienced first-hand the gap between the daily practice of teachers and policies created from afar.

“While teaching I felt that I was experiencing every facet of the field of early childhood education that makes it complicated and profoundly challenging and deeply rewarding,” Kuhl said. “All throughout my time teaching I felt cut off from any sort of policy or leadership decisions, and increasingly confronted with the differing quality of programs for children from different neighborhoods in San Francisco.”

Doctoral research presentations set for Feb. 5

Jan 29 2016

Ten University of Washington College of Education doctoral students will discuss their research projects on February 5, with topics spanning translingual preschool environments, how teachers can learn from students, and ethnic identity development.   

The Research and Inquiry Presentations, a major milestone in each Ph.D. candidate's studies at the College of Education, will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Miller Hall Room 212.

This quarter’s presentations are:

Op-ed: Smart investments needed to ease chronic teacher shortage

Mia Tuan
Jan 24 2016

University of Washington College of Education Dean Mia Tuan outlines steps that would enable Washington to attract and retain high-quality teachers in an op-ed published January 23 in The Seattle Times.

Addressing citizenship complexities in civic education

Civic education
Jan 20 2016

The latest edition of Research That Matters, "Passion & Promise," explores how the UW College of Education is approaching the biggest challenges in education with a spirit of possibility. The following story about the College's research on civic education in diverse classrooms also appears in the online version of the magazine.

What’s the best way to teach civics and social studies in inclusive ways when your class consists of kids whose nationalities and citizenship statuses vary?

What black adolescents say about stereotypes

Onnie Rogers
Jan 6 2016

What does it mean to be young, Black and male? In what ways do Black male youths accommodate and resist the social stereotypes of their demographic? And how does this shape Black boys' development of their own identity, and who they become?

These are among the questions the University of Washington's Onnie Rogers explored with Black urban teenagers in a recently published paper in the Journal of Adolescent Research.

Symposium to examine education of black males

Tyrone Howard
Jan 5 2016

On Jan. 11, the University of Washington's Center for Multicultural Education will sponsor its 27th annual symposium, "Black Male(d): Peril and Promise in the Education of African American Males."

About the Symposium

School provides living textbook for future educational leaders

Principal Karin Jones
Jan 3 2016

If the students of Chinook Middle School are surprised to see aspiring school leaders gather in the foyer and sit in on their classes they take it in stride. These middle school students are an integral part of a living textbook designed to deepen understanding of instructional leadership and offer authentic practice to the University of Washington’s Danforth Educational Leadership Program cohort.