Leading and Supporting Equity in the Classroom

Dec 6 2021

It's no secret that being a public-school teacher is an incredibly challenging job. According to a 2017 study by UW College of Education researchers, Understanding Teacher Retention and Mobility in Washington State, about a quarter of new teachers change schools or leave the profession in the first five years, with this number being higher or lower depending on the school and whether the teacher is a person of color or not.

To Close the Equity Gap, More Kids Need Access to Play

Dec 1 2021

"Physical activity is an integral part of education," says Julie McCleery, director of research-practice partnerships at the UW Center for Leadership in Athletics. "Gaps in who has access to physical activity opportunities become gaps in other areas in both academics, and life-long physical and mental health."

Seeking a Path to Educational Justice in Washington State

Nov 29 2021

In 2019 the Washington Education Association (WEA) made a specific commitment to partner with researchers to address the barriers to educational justice that our state’s system of education presents for underrepresented and marginalized students. The organization also understood that to effectively fulfill this role required actions that explicitly further equity and anti-racism.

The Partnership for Pre-K Improvement (PPI) Launches the PPI Toolkit, Designed to Build High-Quality, Equitable Pre-K

Nov 12 2021

Cultivate Learning at the University of Washington has an exciting new resource, the Partnership for Pre-K Improvement (PPI) Toolkit, which is dedicated to improving equitable access to high-quality pre-K.

New faculty Q&A: Edmundo Aguilar

Oct 21 2021

Through dedication, compassion, and radical love, Dr. Edmundo Aguilar’s devotion to teaching is fueled by his students. His commitment to teaching and learning is intersectional with social justice and specializes in areas such as multicultural education and ethnic studies.

Partnering for Racial Equity

Oct 21 2021

“There was never a time when we needed caretakers more than during the pandemic — we still need them,” says Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Chief Academic Officer Keisha Scarlett. “Families have skills and expertise as our first teachers. As we return to school in the fall, how do we remember how we were stretched? How do we build on that and not default back like a rubber band?”

New faculty Q&A: Lakeya Omogun

Oct 18 2021

As an artist, scholar, creative writer and educator, Dr. Lakeya Omogun makes it her mission within all these roles to shift ideas about identities, culture and language. As a scholar, she advocates for Black African immigrant youths’ racial, ethnic and linguistic justice.

Move Knowledge, Not People

Sep 24 2021

When parents first receive a disability diagnosis while struggling to manage challenging behavior, they urgently need information and support. Yet, because of a shortage of behavioral specialists, they often end up waiting in a stressful and isolated limbo. The UW Haring Center for Inclusive Education's use of Project ECHO® seeks to change that.

What it Means to Live

Looking at Swuq'us from Pi'paam over Kwa'mutaun Xatsa.
Jul 20 2021

In mental health, approaches to addressing suicidal behavior are often couched in a prevention paradigm that asks, “How do we make sure our kids don’t harm themselves?” Alternatively, in her work, Dr. Emma Elliott-Groves, an assistant professor in the UW College of Education, would rather ask, "What does it mean to live healthful lives?" This reframing calls for a paradigm shift from separation to connection and prevention to transformation.

Inclusion Is a Right, Not a Privilege

A student at Ruby Bridges Elementary in the Northshore School District.
Jun 22 2021

"It was clear how much a space for her child mattered," says Cathi Davis, principal of Ruby Bridges Elementary in the Northshore School District. "Her whole demeanor changed when she realized that her child belongs here."