Ken Zeichner, Boeing professor of teacher education, recently presented "The Struggle for the Soul of Teaching and Teaching Education" at Columbia University's Teachers College as part of the Sachs Lecture Series. 
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James Banks, Killinger chair in diversity studies, is featured in a four-part video series recently produced by Inside the Academy. Banks discusses his early years, pioneering research in multicultural education and rethinking education.
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Professor Geneva Gay recently presented a talk at Portland State University's Graduate School of Education, where she serves as an advisor to the Culturally Responsive Elementary Mathematics Education project.
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Professor Susan Nolen will present one of the major forums, "Preservice Assessment Training: Still Essential, Still Missing," at AACTE's annual meeting. Nolen's session will focus on the importance of assessment literacy for all teachers, barriers to effective early-career assessment training, and strategies and resources for implementing productive assessment education.

Sylvia Bagley, director of teacher leadership programs, co-edited a special issue of the journal New Directions in Higher Education, "Critical Perspectives on Global Competition in Higher Education." Learn more about the issue »

What's the latest in autism research? Watch the Haring Center's fall research talk, presented by research associate Jennifer Fung, on "Early Identification and Treatment of Autism: What Do We Know?" Learn More »

Virginia Berninger's new book Interdisciplinary frameworks for schools: Best professional practices for serving the needs of all students, provides a model for adding developmental stepping stones and individual differences to the Common Core and has primers on the biological bases (brain and genetics) and environmental (cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic) diversity. A case is made for granting teachers professional autonomy and permission to think outside the box and with the moving box if they are to be held accountable, and a framework for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration is offered.

Research by UW faculty Nancie Beadie, Jim Banks, Janine Jones and Geneva Gay as well as current and former graduate students is featured in the book. Many educators in Washington state, ranging from superintendents to principals to school psychologists, special educators, and classroom teachers are honored for exemplary education practices that serve as role models for others.
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