May 2018

Around the College

Joseph receives UW faculty award

Professor Gail Joseph has received the UW's 2018 David B. Thorud Faculty Leadership Award in honor of her exceptional ability to lead, serve, inspire and collaborate with broad impact.

Professor co-authors report on supporting immigrant English learners

Dafney Blanca Dabach, associate professor, is co-author of the new report “Understanding and supporting the educational needs of recently arrived immigrant English learner students: Lessons for state and local education agencies,” published by the Council of Chief State School Officers. The report is designed to help inform states about a population that has been understudied—differentiating recently arrived immigrants from other students identified as English learners.

UW College of Education apparel available for purchase

A variety of UW College of Education custom sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans and t-shirts are now available for purchase online. The deadline to order is May 20, with home delivery expected on or about June 1. Please direct questions to Lisa Murakami.

Essay explores role of public education in place-remaking

Katie Headrick Taylor, assistant professor, recently had her essay “The Role of Public Education in Place-Remaking: From a Retrospective Walk through my Hometown to a Call to Action” published by Cognition & Instruction.

Students present at Teaching & Learning Symposium

Kimberly Mitchell, teaching associate, and three of her undergraduate education students (Chang Soo Park, Timmy Ro and Isabelle (Izzy) Matlick) presented the poster “Student-Led, Lecture-Free Classes” during the UW’s 14th annual Teaching & Learning Symposium.

The poster shares findings of a redesign of Mitchell’s 50-student undergraduate course “Teaching as a Profession”—which asked students take the lead role as teachers themselves. The course’s overall Summative and Challenge and Engagement Index ratings demonstrate increased student understanding of content, improved skill development and high levels of engagement.

Jackson co-edits new book ‘Numeracy as Social Practice’

Kara Jackson, associate professor is co-editor of “Numeracy as Social Practice: Global and Local Perspectives,” the first book to fully explore how learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom, embedded in local practices, traditions and interactions, in the context of numeracy. The book brings together a wide range of accounts and studies from around the world to build a picture of the challenges and benefits of seeing numeracy as social practice—that is, as mathematical activities embedded in the social, cultural, historical and political contexts in which these activities take place.

Eliminating the achievement gap: systems and structures from the ground up

In the March/April 2018 issue of Leadership Magazine from the Association of California School Administrators, the UW Center for Educational Leadership’s Patty Maxfield describes the importance of developing a culture of learning and collaboration across schools to address specific learning needs of students. She and her coauthor, Jeff Pelzel of the Newhall (Calif.) School District, show how to use an instructional leadership inquiry cycle and other structures to build the capacity of school leaders to target the ultimate goal of eliminating achievement gaps.

Silverman awarded new grant

Max Silverman of the UW Center for Educational Leadership received the new grant “California Educational Leadership Initiative” from the Stuart Foundation in the amount of $200,000.